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Press Release
Bermuda Water Safety Council For Immediate Release.
Re: WSC Safety Seminar Postponement

The Bermuda Water Safety Council would like to inform the boating public that the Water Safety Seminar scheduled to May 17th has now been postponed until further notice.

Due the unforeseen circumstances, the RBYC is not able to host the event on the date scheduled.

We would like to ask those who planned to attend the event, to stay tuned for a new date which will be emailed to those already registered. A public announcement will also be made once new date has been confirmed.

The WSC would like to apologise for any inconvenience cause by this postponement
Ralph Richardson
Chairman WSC



A Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

 The 2015 summer season is nearly upon us again.  Most of us will be spending more time around to pool and in or on the water.  Of course we all understand that by now this time of fun also includes extra risks for injury or worse. 

The Bermuda Water Safety Council would like to remind you that we must not drop our guard when it comes to constant care of children and careful attention to the basic rules of safety wherever there is water close by.   

We have mentioned often that there are risks when children are near the water.  There is always this risk of drowning, when little children are involved.   We want to state again how quickly little children can get into trouble while the guardian is paying attention to another person or other distractions like their Smartphone.  

Boats offer another risk based on their speed and size and simply being on the ocean where persons may fall overboard.  Each captain must take full responsibility for those on board and therefore should insist on basic rules of safety aboard the vessel they are responsible for. The captain must know how to anchor properly, fight fires and should have a knowledge of the sea rules of the road, or said another way, the basic rules for approaching other vessels.

 This year the Water Safety Council is planning another practical safety seminar at the RBYC on May 17th at 1PM - 4:30PM.  The seminar will include, boat handling, approaching other boats, fire fighting and the use of safety equipment.  However the new addition this year will be training on the use of the VHF marine communications equipment.  There will be several VHF units on hand with which participants will learn first hand, how to make emergency calls as well as some of the new VHF features, such as, Digital Select Calling.  

We will soon announce a new initiative to ensure that boaters will have the knowledge to operate their vessels safely and will receive a certificate (more on this later). 

Also Tiny the Tree Frog has joined the WSC by sharing water safety tips to young children with the WSC, soon to be launched, coloring book.

On behalf of the WSC, I would like to wish you and your family a safe summer in 2015.

Ralph E. Richardson


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